Reply To: New IFA signings


Tomorrow is the deadline for them to receive a bonus…. So I figure some teams are going to bite and offer these kids some money. There’s a lot of money left with some teams after the hoarding began for the Ohtani Sweepstakes.

Juan Contreras I like based on the potential upside, though they say he has reliever written all over him…
Antonio Sucre seems like an interesting player… Could end up being something nice and wont cost a team much. He hit more home runs than all those other kids, including Severino.
Jiwhan Bae is another one I like based on the Trae Turner comp but noone seems to know what’s up with him.
Brandol Mezquita, there isnt much on him and he didn’t play.. (so OBVIOUSLY he’ll be a HOFer).

My desired order

or maybe flip flop Bae and Contreras. I can go either way.