Miguel Andujar

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    I just posted this over at the WIN METHOD blog where millions of readers will read it and posting it here now also.

    I’d like to straighten out one fake news story proliferated by the stat frauds and echoed by the sycophant talking heads, Miguel Andujar IS NOT as bad a defensive player as it made out to be. Yes, he can improve, any player can always improve. The Yankees won 100 games last season with Andujar at third base, wake up people. Andujar is working this winter on bettering his defense and will improve. REMEMBER, the stat frauds use fake made up defensive metrics as their bible regarding defense abilities of each player. Defensive metrics and stats are totally unreliable and in many cases out and out false. Do not believe what the frauds and others are telling you about Andujars defensive abilities. See for yourself this season.

    January 13, 2019 at 10:10 AM

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