Thunder game 4-20

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    Went to the Thunder game and watched Tate pitch. Dillon was off in the first two innings with his control but settled down. Dillion was 91-92 for the most part hitting 94-95 a hand full of times on a windy cold night. Dillon i’m sure had a hard time getting grip. His FB was pretty straight. One thing i really liked was his cat like reflexes on the mound. Very athletic and quick. I like the overall package. I see good things should he stay healthy
    Had the chance to see Numata behind the plate and was impressed but i don’t think his bat was anything to rave about. He was fooled a lot.

    Ort pitched well . Throws 96-97 ..could be a real find from the Indy league. Big sturdy build.

    Ambergey was hitting ropes and should move up this year depending on injury free season.

    Katoh played first and has filled out. Not so much upper body but his legs have bulked up. He worked the count really well and stung some balls.

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